Self Directed Active Learner

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In this unit, we dove even deeper into how the learning process here at UoPeople works, and we also got a crash course in why it’s so important that we begin, if haven’t already, taking an active part in our learning because it affects the outcome of how well we do academically as well as in other aspects of our lives. To do this, we read about interesting concepts, took a self-quiz, and wrote in the discussion forum to get us thinking more on what this means to each of us personally. In the reading this week, we took a moment to learn about what it meant to be a “self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner”. I took a few essential things away from the reading and reflected on them for implications in my own life. To be this …show more content…
From the quiz, I learned that I already have a good grasp on what motivates me personally. I know that I won’t do anything unless I want to and there aren’t too many outside influences on my self-motivation besides me and what deem are good reasons to learn or not learn something. I’ve also already accepted responsibility for my learning. I know that, ultimately, how well I do in a course, or life for that matter, is solely dependent on me and how well I use my knowledge and resources to gain further knowledge or experience. I found out that my weaknesses are self-management and employing interdependence. I took that to mean that I’m not using the skills I have currently in the most productive manner. I’m not pushing myself enough or finding the right motivations to help want to achieve higher goals that are well within my capabilities. I also think it means that I’m too comfortable with myself. I don’t dwell on my failures or successes as much as I need to in order to help me effectively make changes in myself. I guess I love and accept myself too much to the point that I’m not pushing myself when needed. The quiz also taught me that I’m too reliant on myself for knowledge. No, I don’t think I know everything, but I’m also not trying to learn things that require me to use others, either for their direct experiences or …show more content…
I know that I have trust issues, and I’m also a flake. I seldom keep my word when it comes to hanging with friends or family, and that needs to stop because they all have something invaluable to offer me.
Setting smaller goals Each week setting a small goal or a lot of small goals to complete by the end of the week Using same calendar, set small educational and personal goals for the week Completing each goal is worth $2 towards my weekly reward. Not doing so is worth $3 towards the dog treat fund Money is usually a good motivator for me, especially when it means “wasting” on my dog. He gets spoiled enough; I never seem to. Plus, setting small goals means I won’t get too overwhelmed.
Letting off steam Finding a small activity each day that helps me destress Finding myself less stressed and more focused on bettering myself educationally and personally My body will hold me accountable because when I’m too stressed it shuts down or goes haywire preventing me from doing what I need or want to do I let too many things build up and it always affects my school and work life, and I need to get in control of that by finding small ways to destress each

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