Reflection Of Jesus

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The Bible is full of the stories of Jesus. These stories include His teachings and His claims during His ministry on earth. Those that read the stories have different perspectives on the relevance and significance of them. These perspectives shape the way one views Jesus and who he is. Based on John 15: 1-11 and Matthew 9:9-13, as well as many other stories in the Bible, one can get a better idea of who Jesus is, as it is asked in Mark 8:29.
In John 15:1-11, Jesus talks about how he is the true vine, how the Father is the gardener, and how we are the branches. For the believers (branches) to produce good fruit of Christian life, we must always be connected to Jesus (vine) because we receive the salvation and the grace of God through Jesus.
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The purpose of his ministry was to have people find their way back to God. To save them from their mistakes and return them back to God. He says, “I desire mercy, not sacrifice, For I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners.” The main point of this story is to understand that helping someone who has sinned is a good thing, as well as having them find their way back to being good again. By focusing on those who sinned, we can have more people turn to doing good and repenting. It is important to acknowledge those who have stayed faithful to God as …show more content…
Throughout many stories in the Bible, Jesus exudes these characteristics consistently and genuinely. His life started from very humble beginnings when he was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Jesus never used this as an excuse for anything or put himself above others. He is also very patient with us as humans as he knows we will make mistakes. He wants us to come to him when we need help with any trials that could be happening in our lives. This may take a few seconds or many years for people to humble themselves and ask for help. Jesus is also a best friend to many because he knows us, he cares about us, and is always there for us. He is a constant comforter and is willing to forgive us of our sins. Overall, Jesus Christ has many admirable traits, but the ones that are most prevalent in my life are that he is humble, patient, and a best friend to

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