Personal Narrative: A Career As A 3D Engineer

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Wrapping up my first year of high school was frustrating. Uncertainty danced in my head. Where will I go in life? I thought taking the introductory engineering course would be my saving grace. I love math and science so it should work for me. After a couple months it didn 't have the effect I expected. Much of my work was merely following directions that prevent failure or produce a “theoretical success”. I didn 't have the concrete, hands-on satisfaction of creating something I am proud of. Then my teacher presented my two best friends and me with a great opportunity.
My teacher told me that someone he knows wants their kitchen remodeled, but the client doesn 't know exactly what he or she wants. We were all so excited that he came to us for
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At that time we photographed everything in the kitchen and dining room that was to be converted. Next, we took precise measurements of all the key components in the kitchen. After dimensioning we drew up a bird’s eye view sketch of our two designs while we had the benefit of visually seeing what we were working with. We used the time in the kitchen as a second meeting as well. In collaboration with the client we fine-tuned our sketches of both designs. We were ready to start 3D modeling.
In this phase, we dedicated all of our efforts to our classes’ autoCAD software. Each one of us was responsible for a “kitchen”. My partners were responsible for our clients idea and our groups collaborative design. My job was to recreate the current state of the kitchen for comparison reasons. Every day in class we would make a bit more progress on our virtual kitchens. Whether we were referring to our notes and pictures so that our dimensions were accurate or we were making brand new accessories from scratch, we were busy every minute of class. We loved
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It was a paramount moment in our group’s time together. Just like our first meeting, we met in our school’s conference room at the end of the school day.This time our teacher was there as well. Neither the teacher or client had heard much of what we were working on so they were equally excited for the presentation. When we rolled out our working drawing and begun presenting, both adults in the room were genuinely impressed. After both adults voiced their mostly positive opinions, we asked the client which of the two designs she prefers.To our surprise the client actually liked our groups design better than her

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