Summary Of Sylvia Plath's Daddy

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Sylvia Plath’s “Daddy” is a reflection of her personal feelings with her fathers. The poem “Daddy” is a emotion filled poem that is dark and sad. The poem makes the reader feel sad for Sylvia and they try to understand the struggles Sylvia went through. The poem makes references to the holocaust and Sylvia's experiences growing up during World War ii. The darkness of this poem comes from the anger Sylvia has from her father passing away and leaving her to look for him in another man.
Sylvia Plath grew up in a well-off, middle class family, though that may sound like a perfect family; Sylvia had deeper problems. Sylvia always loved writing and had her first poem published at the age of eight. Plath’s father died when Sylvia was only eight years
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Repetition has a way of putting emphasis on words and making a sentence more emotional. Repetition can also help a point come across. Plath uses repetition in stanza 16 line 18, “ Of wars,wars,wars.” This helps the stanza show more emotion and depth by explaining the war going on in real life with Germany, but also the war she is having with herself/family. Stanza 26 line 27 reads, “ Ich,ich,ich,ich.” The words ich represents the words she wants to say but she cannot say them. Sylvia struggles from being able to speak her mind and fears of the consequences of speaking her mind. Sylvia’s use of repetition helps emphasize her feelings and emotions that she is trying to …show more content…
Sylvia’s tone throughout this poem is bitter and sad. Throughout this poem Sylvia explains her fathers affect on her life and how he controlled her in a way that made her look for that in a man for the rest of her life. The use of Plath’s words and the emotion the words, made a reader feel all of the feelings Sylvia was trying to express. Sylvia compares her life to World War ii and uses exact details to reflect those feelings. Plath describes her father as looking like Hitler, she calls herself a Jew because she is being controlled by him as well. Line 14 reads, “I used to pray to recover you.” This line is very important, this expresses how she wanted her father to come back to her and she missed him, but now she no longer does. Sylvia has had a change of heart for her father and that is represented throughout this line. The tone of bitterness is very well seen when Plath describes her memories of her father such as the photograph of him, and how she describes making a model of him, line 63-64. “And then I knew what to do. I made a model of you,”. This line is addressing how she met her husband and married a man who resembled her father, followed up by line 68, “So daddy, I’m finally through.” This line allows readers to know she is finally done trying to get her father back and she is done trying in general. Sylvia portraise herself in a way that allows readers to see her as a bitter and sad

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