Reflection Of How I Kept My Life Essay

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Reflection of How I Kept My “A” in English Reflecting on this past semester I feel I have grown in several areas that needed improving and I have also learned many new techniques that were introduced to me. My goal for the class was to learn how to write an exceptionally good paper and learn techniques to help better organize my thoughts and ideas. I feel I was able to achieve that goal and take away concepts that will help me be more confident in future writing. Almost everything that we learned in English class was new to me because when I was in high school, we never wrote rhetorical analyses or argumentative essays following the MEAL plan. I had never heard of a MEAL plan for writing papers, but once I finally got the concept I was able to plan out my papers better using this technique. To become an effective student in English class there were a few skill areas that I needed to work on and improve to help my overall learning experience and grade. Class participation, performance, and showing progress is key to actively learn and grow. Participation in every class is the key to success. My personal attendance was very important to me because I did not want to fall behind or miss any assignments. I have attended every class day except one because of a doctor’s appointment. I have made this class my top priority and have not only shown up, but have been actively engaged in class, group activities, and all scheduled appointments. Every class period I came prepared and…

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