Pros And Cons Of Functionalism


“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” – Dr. Jose Rizal The timeless, and perhaps most prominent quote from Dr. Rizal has transcended through time. As a kid, I used to question myself what was the real meaning of this quote from our national hero. Until time came and I finally understood what he really meant. He was right. He has been right. Those who have become good, upright, decent, and noble leaders, political or not, have given us light and hope that the society we are living in right now still has room for sanity. They have provided us the fact that there are still many out there who are willing to sacrifice whatever they have for humanity; they are saint-like people who rarely think of themselves first. These great people
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Sociology is actually one of the subjects that bring interest in me. I have been hearing about Functionalism before, but this time I was able to know more about it. I have realized its importance, its functions, and even cons of it. It has brought me a lot of insights, plans, and inspiration to improve my teaching. It has given me a wider view of the simple place called “school.” It has emphasized to me that the school is not a simple workplace which I go to everyday. It has broadened my perspective as a teacher. It has given me a lot of bright ideas and activities that will help my pupils understand more the importance of schooling. They need to understand that school is not just a place for learning, not only a place where they meet their friends. Their understanding should be bigger. They need to know that school is also a society. Their society while they are still young. An important place for them to be trained and properly not only for their future, but for their country’s future as …show more content…
I want them not only to achieve their goals in life. I also want them to be future movers of the nation. I would love to see them become future dignified leaders, future light bearers of my beloved country. However, there is just this part that I do not really agree on. According to Functionalism, schooling provides the society with people who are equipped with the right skills to do particular jobs. Students who study hard and brilliant are assigned to occupations that are most significant in the society, whereas those who excel a little get the jobs that are lower in prestige compared to those of bright students. It simply means that the right people get the right job. Functionalists call this Meritocracy. This is kind of sensible to me, and actually logical. Of course, those who are bright and have access to tools that really enhance their learning experience have bigger chance and capabilities in handling important and “prestigious” jobs in our society. But the disappointing part there is that not all students who do not perform well in school really want it that way. There are a lot of factors that are affecting the performance of a student: financial problems, family problems, personal problems, and other factors that contribute to the burden that one is having. That is why we simply cannot conclude that those who do not perform well

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