Reflection Of Freedom In Today's 'Slavery By Another Name'

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Slavery is a subject that we all have learned about throughout our years in school, however it was never taught with much detail or major depth. We were taught the basics and time periods and what and who ended slavery. What I do not recall is learning about what happened the years right after, it seems like slavery ended and then fast forward to the mid-1900 and then there was segregation. The Pbs documentary “Slavery by Another name” takes you to the years after slavery was “abolished” and what African Americans had to endure for what was supposed to be their freedom. Even though they had gained their freedom, freedom was the last thing they felt. Slavery by Another name, illustrates what life was like for millions of African Americans in what can be considered a corrupted justice system. This documentary is set in the years of the late 1800’s after the 13th amendment ends slavery, up until the mid -1900’s. Slavery by Another Name is not only very informative, but it is also set in a very serious tone that allows the audience to feel strong emotion towards the subject. The mood can be depressing because you realize the horrible untold stories that our past history holds. Watching this documentary I learned that …show more content…
It is an eye opener to those of us who thought we knew what life might have been like in the late 1800’s. Those who suffered and died during that time, really did not have no justice, but I believe that the more we make ourselves aware of these tragedies, the more we can honor their deaths. I would definitely recommend this documentary to someone I know because, there are only certain things that words can describe to someone versus watching a documentary. I can tell someone about this video and about the new information that I have retrieved from it, however they will not understand or feel the same emotions that I got out of watching this

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