Reflection Of Course Topics And Information Essay

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Initial Reflection of Course Topics and Information The leading topics in this literary course introduce four focuses that should be the focus of any respectable educator. Additionally, these topics are intersecting and interrelated. In content area literacy, appropriate texts must be used to foster learner development and knowledge transformation. These topics build upon each other to create a strong schematic for succeeding with literacy as a whole. In order to be an effective educator, you need to incorporate all of these aspects into teachings in all content areas. The only negative aspect within these focuses is that a deficiency in one area is likely to have a strong negative impact on content area literacy as a whole. For example, giving a boring and unrelatable story for a social studies lesson will likely hinder the students’ ability to make connections with the text, weakening their learning development and knowledge transformation. This fails to create credible progress in the students’ specific content area literacy, and is a strong example of a lack of ability to choose appropriate texts. This shows that these topics are not only related, but also powerfully interconnected.
Literacy, Live in Education As an educator with a strong pull towards the upper elementary classroom, I feel that these topics are just as relatable even if the students have a well-established base in literacy. Although upper level students are able to comprehend more advanced levels of…

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