Reflection Of Compassion In Nursing

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Register to read the introduction… & etc. so that anybody can understand and carry them on.” She also talks about management, when she uses the phrase ‘on being in charge.’ In the movie, the nurses were seen organizing medical- surgical supplies and medicines in the store room on designated shelves and keeping things ready for use in the future. It was good to see that during that period also there was an understanding that things well kept and arranged would save time and anybody can carry on with the duties if supplies are well organized. The order in which things were kept and the way the beds were arranged in the hospital wards normally and during the war time gives us the understanding of ‘the importance of management and keeping things organized.’ Even when the nurse in charge was not there on the ward, the nurses performed their duties even in her …show more content…
It is being there with them in some way that makes their pain more bearable. After going through the notes on nursing, it is loud and clear that she focuses on compassion and she herself is a very compassionate and caring nurse. She has not mentioned in her notes about the word compassion or empathy.... but she mentions about caring and at times with sarcasm, which gives an idea that how annoyed she used to be when small efforts by the nurses were ignored. She talks about sympathy but not in the context of compassion. It is very touching when she says, “God’s precious gift of life is ....... placed in her hands; she must be a ...... quick observer; and she must be a woman of delicate and decent feeling.” In this clause she makes the nurses realize the value of their work and what is expected of them. Her work and her feelings for the sick portray her compassion, empathy and care. Her writings also depict the intensity of feelings she possessed for her patients. It is quite apparent and obvious through her notes that she wants her nurses to be compassionate, when she talks about the details and the fine points that she brings up while discussing about hygiene, nutrition, environment,

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