Reflection Of Being A Teacher

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Being both a student and being a teacher myself I observed the direct influence that is posed upon each role. I saw how teachers have a direct influence on me and how one teacher can make a major impact on a student’s life. With that being said, I knew I wanted to make a difference in the world and I believe that being a teacher will allow me to do so. Being a teacher is not an easy profession but yet it is the most rewarding profession in my opinion. There will be goals for myself and for my students. There will be a variety of different methods that will be used to aid learning and the experiences experienced at school. Assessments will be utilized to track student growth. With all things considered, I will have to constantly improve myself …show more content…
So that, they will look forward to coming to coming to a safe and nurturing classroom environment every day and not see it as just a routine or because they have to come. To make students value learning, I will design my lesson plans to make learning fun so that students’ will not be disinterested by school. Furthermore, I want to be able to know my students, not just as students but for the child they truly are so I can better educate them by knowing what their needs are. I aspire to help my students create a positive self-image within themselves and for them to feel confident. To improve each student’s self esteem, I would constantly praise them and make them feel like a valuable member in the classroom and in the …show more content…
Creating a student focused classroom environment will allow students to interact with their peers for a collaborative learning experience. Therefore, students are able to use each other as a resource; they can ask their peers for help or assistance if they need it, before going to the teacher. Since some students always count on the teacher for help, it is nice for students to help other students. A progressivism approach connects with what methods I want to utilize since the teacher functions as a guide for the students and the lessons connect student’s cooperative work and projects (Hall, Quinn & Gollnick, 2014). Since the world is always changing methods will need to be adapted and change with what is relevant in the current. In addition, I would exercise a pragmatism method approach so that students will engage in practical knowledge to use in real life contents (Hall, Quinn & Gollnick, 2014). Often times, students realize that most of the things that were taught in school and does not apply to real life settings, so it is valuable to teach things in the classroom to be used in real life. Utilizing differentiated instruction, so students are able to complete and understand the lesson at their own level. Strategies for English Language Learners (SDAIE), is another method to apply since it has numerous useful strategies to exercise while teaching. I would need to be flexible in changing or modifying my methods

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