Reflection Of Atom

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Through the understanding of the structure of the atom, scientist were able to isolate system of electrons and atomic nucleus. The atomic part of physics is primarily concerned with the arrangement of electrons around the nucleus and the processes by which the arrangements was changed. Atomic theory has affected the field of physics in a way that has given scientist knowledge on how to produce an atomic bomb. Scientists has differentiated between atomic physics that deals with the atom as a system involving a nucleus and electrons, and the system that deals with nuclear physics that is considered atomic nuclei alone.
Learning Objectives: -
At the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
 Define molecule and atom.
 List the primary
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Instruction explains some concepts to students, by saying that anything that has mass and can occupy space is called matter. Atoms are the main components that make up matters. Name the particles that are in different form in an atom; answer to this question is electrons, protons and neutrons. Where protons and neutrons are found in an atom? Answer: proton can be find in the nucleus, and electrons are located in the shells outside of the nucleus. Can someone in the class defines a molecule? Answer: A molecule is defined as the smallest part of a substance that has all the properties of that …show more content…
To facilitate communication among the students and instructor, or to refresh the course by providing a change of pace, I will incorporate a guided analysis of activity into my lesson plan.
Activity: - Guided Analysis.
Special features: This method of teaching will help my students develop their own analytical skills in the field of physics by observing their own analytical skills in action during class activities.
 Select a document to analyze as an example, may be a short review, section of computer programming, a scientific research paper.
 Make enough copies of the selected topic for all students.
 Analyze the document in front of the class, explain clearly the procedure use to reach a conclusion. Use visual aids and additional material if needed.
 Allow students sometimes to analyze their documents: allow students to come to conclusions by their self, in this way students have learned on their own, and have acquired some analytical skills of the teacher.
 During class activities, have students present their analysis, and reply to each one

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