Reflection Of An Organisational Change Essay

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On reflection, analysis of an organisational change regarding two theories of leadership presented that IT system changes in UAB Transimeksa may have been managed effectively either ineffectively. An organisational change was managed effectively in particular circumstances but in the other it was not. Lewin’s behavioural studies identified the democratic style of leadership which then applied to my experience showed ineffective change management by the leader in the department. On the other hand, a path-goal theory by House (1971) referred to my experience proved that a leader’s behaviour towards work process was effective in relation to change management.
However, vision can be seen as a tool to inspire enthusiasm and energy across the organisation especially while managing particular changes. A concept of visionary leadership identifies leaders who “create and articulate a realistic, credible, and attractive vision of the future that improves the present situations” (Robbins and Coulter. 2002:473). Furthermore, Stam et al. (2009) say that leaders may communicate visions as means to stimulate individuals as well as collective follower performances in an organisation. There are three main qualities of a visionary leader such as an ability to explain the vision to subordinates, ‘walk to talk’ and ability to extend or apply the vision to different contexts. Visionary leadership can be applied to my experience. From the beginning a general manager had a vision on ways to…

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