Reflection Of An Illness Story Of Your Own, Or One You Find On The Internet

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Tell an illness story of your own, or one you find on the internet. How does this story construct subjectivity for the protagonist and the people around him or her?
I’ve always had issues concerning sleep, as a child I had night terrors and issues with going to sleep on time. In my late teens my sleep issues became worse, I was often falling asleep during lectures, having to have naps in between lectures, at the same time I often had issues with falling asleep at night which could often result in me staying awake for multiple days in a row. This had a large impact on my first year of university and resulting in me failing 4 out of 8 papers I took that year. After these results I decided to get help and talked with a sleep specialist at the University of Canterbury, he got me to do a sleep journal and told me I probably had a condition and referred me to the sleep unit at Christchurch Hospital. Two months later I went into hospital to do a night sleep study and a multiple sleep latency test. While I was waiting for the results I was registered with university disability services, and they helped me with getting extensions, handling assignments, and supplied a space in which I could sleep at university. When I went to my appointment with my specialist to review my results I must admit that I cried; I believed that I had only fallen asleep for 4 out of 5 of the mslt naps. I had actually fallen asleep for all of the naps, and had an average sleep…

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