Reflection Of An Anemometer As A Team Essays

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APSC 100 Module 1 Teaming Activity: Reflection

Creating an anemometer as a team was a helpful learning experience. During the whole process I tried to keep the steps to solving complex problems in mind. At the first meeting with my group, only three of the four of us were there. We had not yet gotten in contact with our fourth partner, as he attended the wrong lecture and was not responding to our messages to him. It did not cause too much of an issue at that moment by not having him at this initial meeting. I think those of us who were there did a good job of listening to each other’s ideas and giving some constructive criticism on each of them. We were all quite respectful of each other’s ideas and gave each of them a chance. We had some issues when deciding our final design during our second meeting. The member who was not at the first meeting was not given as much say as he probably should have been given had he been at the first meeting. There was also some miscommunication when we were trying to explain our ideas for the design, resulting in some confusion. We eventually sorted out the confusion, however, we still had not decided on the final design. There were two designs we were stuck between. My three other teammates supported one design that I was not certain would work very well. I came up with an alternate design that the others were also sceptical of. We made partial prototypes for both designs during the meeting to do some preliminary tests on. After the…

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