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Reflection Paper Lesson One As a self-contained special education teacher, my classroom reflection lessons, involves 10 students (7 boys & 2 girls). Students’ exceptionality are 2-Autism, 2- Moderate, 1- Behavior/Mild-Moderate, and 5-Mild Moderate. Students are on four different grade levels, ranging from Pre-K to 3rd grade. This month, Unit Topic: Natural Disasters, weekly chapter, hurricanes. Students were given a Kahoot learning base Natural Disaster Pre-test before the unit begins, to see how much they knew about natural disasters. Students scored over 50% of correct answers. To start the lesson off, students watch a short video clip about Hurricane Katrina. After the video, I discussed the video with my students. One of the questions …show more content…
I reviewed bell work and read a short, informative story concerning hurricanes on the Smart Board. At the end of the story are comprehension questions, I read each question and gave students a choice of three answers. Students wrote the answers on their white board at their desk, and held up the answer after each question. Next, students are given a 5-step Topic Paragraph Planner from Unique Learning System. Students will write a paragraph about a hurricane to enhance their writing abilities. The lesson and information are pulled up on the Smart Board, so myself, pars, and students can work step by step together.
• Step 1: Name of Activity (Create a title)
• Step 2: The Big Idea (Choose one topic sentence)
• Step 3: Parts of the Activity (Sequence the steps of the activity)
• Step 4: Reaction: (Say what you think about this activity)
• Step 5: Paragraph: (Put the sentences together)
This was a very challenging activity for some of my students, because this activity was in August, at the beginning of the school year. Some of my students could not remember the rules about starting a sentence with a capital letter, ending a sentence with a period, capitalizing a proper noun, and so on, but we made it
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Students watched a video about the most dangerous hurricanes in the United States and how many people were killed during these storms. After the video, students individually completed a four page packet with teacher help. At the end of the class period, students concluded with a hurricane science experiment. The experiment contained dishwashing liquid, water, small glass container, and glitter. My students always love any activity that includes hands on involvement. (Feedback)
The most successful part of this lesson was seeing my student’s work hard creating their own math problems and assessing their learning after reviewing their science packets. I knew that some of the things that they learned about hurricanes this week had increased their knowledge. If I had to change anything about this lesson, maybe it would be to reduce science packet from four pages to two pages.

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