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The focus of my team’s project was on vertical transportation systems. The most significant point which highlighted my contribution to the team in the project was that I tried to put equal amount of effort as much as others, in my team. In order to bring my team to a high standard, I also tried to work ahead in some cases and helped my team mates if it was relevant for me.
A point that negatively effected my contribution towards my team was the lack of my language skills. As English is my second language, I was deficient in editing my work, and in our report, editing was considered as one of the significant parts. I mostly lacked in the grammar side of my written texts, so I had to seek help from my team mates when needed.
The factors in which criticises these points to be significant helped me learn sufficient lessons. The point which highlighted my positive contribution to the team was putting the equal amount of work as others and also working ahead. The examples which approve this point are that; I made sure, I’m doing the same workload as others by asking them how much they did, and during the completion of the project, I tried to make drafts of my work earlier, so I could go through it and ask questions from my tutors. The lesson I learnt was that, working ahead and making sure the workload that I put in, is the same
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We followed the criteria critically and read thoroughly before the start of our report and managed to follow all the points involved in the criteria. For example we weren’t aware of how and what needs to be written in the criteria of the constraints, so we used the criteria and were so pleased with the information we put using the criteria. We need to improve our research skills and need to seek for help before hand in order to find the relevant

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