Reflection Of A Self Directed Learner Essay

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Review the readings from this week. Then answer the following:
1. Describe the essential aspects of a self-directed, intrinsically motivated, active learner?
The essential aspects of a self-directed learner:
A self-directed learner knows the reason and importance of learning. He/she takes initiative and doesn’t wait for others to tell him/her what to learn. He/she has a learning network but, knows how to be self-reliant and act independently. A successful self-directed learner is committed and sticks to his/her learning plans. He/she takes responsibility and tries to learn well and learn correctly. He/she embraces the challenges and looks at them as opportunities to push himself/herself to come out of his/her comfort zone instead of looking at them as obstacles.
A self-directed learner is capable of developing and maintaining discipline. He/she is curious and has strong desire to learn and change. He//she is self-confident and believe in his/her capabilities.
A self-directed learner is able to use studying techniques . He/she manages time effectively and sets an appropriate pace for learning. He/she set goals and develops a plan to achieve his/her goals and complete the work. But, most importantly he/she enjoys the learning. (Cobb, 2013)
The essential aspects of intrinsically motivated learner:
An intrinsically motivated learner enjoying the challenge and activities. He/she is looking for inherent satisfaction and activity itself is the reward for him/her. He/she has innate…

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