Reflection Of A Look At The Pathways Rehabilitation Center

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I Ms. Keren Batiste, LCSW is a current employee at The Pathways Rehabilitation Center. During this present time I am currently under supervision at my place of employment. I have been an employee here for a total of 15 years. My central goal is to ensure that the best quality of service is delivered to all my clients. As an LCSW I am aware of the stipulations that are important when I am bestowing client services. I take into consideration of the unique dynamics of cultural diversity, spirituality, race and ethnic groups. I have the aptitude to meet all clients where they are and strive to make a difference in everyone’s life that I am encountering with.
It is important that I disclose the importance of confidentiality.
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The client reported 3 months ago she attended outpatient treatment and she went to AA/NA regularly 3 times a week. She stated was persisted with treatment and AA/ NA, but has seen no major improvement in how she feels. She reports being having symptoms of mild depression, and abuse alcohol and cocaine dependence. Alexia stated that she isn’t at the the place and life where she need to be for her daughter. She has several life trauma situations that occurred in her life and the use of alcohol and cocaine relieves her and take her problems away. Alexia got married at young age after her father deceased, she later divorced after her husband began to abuse her physically and sexually. Alexia feels that she could live a better life and set a positive example for her daughter Christine. Thus far Alexia has cope with her issues talking to previous sponsor …show more content…
Alexia stated that she got married at the age of 20 after her father deceased. Alexia mentioned that after the death of her father she became vulnerable and felt desperate need to replace the love from a male figure in her life. Afters years of being married to her husband excessively drank that later caused him him to become an alcoholic which led him to physically and sexually abuse her. Alexia stated wasn’t the first episode of being mistreated by her husband, but she wanted to fight to keep her marriage for the sake of their daughter Christine. In the past, when her husband would begin to drink that later led to uniprot behavior her and daughter would try to escape from the home but never succeeded without being caught.Alexia recalls one time when she tried to leave he became very aggressive and they consequences she was faced with weren’t so

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