Reflection Of A Journal Assignment On My Life Management Skills

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The purpose of the journal assignment is to develop my own life management skills to improve upon my quality of life and overall wellness and to cope with various issues related to health problems. With the help of this assignment I tried to find out the different areas in which I need more improvement with, based on the results I got from the Health Assessments on the course textbook. Each journal entries will include my outcomes/results obtained from the assessments, which will give me an idea on how I can improve my life management skills.
Journal entry 1
This was an amazing reflecting assessment for me. After the completion of assessments 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3, I found that I am at a highest risk of developing stress. After completing assessment 3.2, I got almost 400 points, which means I am stressed. There are too many factors that are increasing my level of stress. For instance, as I moved to Canada, my sleeping and eating habits changed and also, there has been a big change regarding my financial status.
After completing assessment number 3.5 (Burnout Quiz), I scored 23 points. So, I have to watch some things that are going around me. After going through the text book Wellness: Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle, I understand what
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It comes under satisfactory level. From the text book, I learned that friendship is a two-way business. I have a good relation with everyone around me and I am supportive to them, if they need any help from me. To make friends with others, I will have to be friendly first. A network of social support can enhance and protect health. Having close friendships help us to cope with stress and to overcome the unwanted effects of loneliness. Loneliness may increase the risk for disease. Apart from family and friends, I would like to have a pet. People are not the only source of support. Pets bring cheerfulness and laughter to our

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