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This is a reflection of the first unit of my Grade 11 University English class with Ms. Carr. In this unit, I learned about different types of essays. I reviewed definitions of rhetorical devices, learned about the elements of formal and informal essay, created an essay analyzing formal and informal elements from a persuasive essay, did questions on various essays from an anthology book, wrote rough draft essays in each essay style, selected one of those rough drafts to type up as an essay, and took a test everything covered in the unit. I was not looking forward to this unit. I do not like writing essays as I often put minimum effort into my outlines which results in me having to rewrite my paragraphs on the computer at least three or …show more content…
It was boring for me because we had to analyze several essays. I do not like analyzing things because I like reading a text and being done with it. When I have to analyze things, it requires me to scrutinize a text for information and explain the significance of that information, which I do not like. I did not come up with any sort of strategy to get through it and I simply endured the process, regardless of how tired I became with the text. I should determine a strategy for getting through the analyzing without it being tiring next time. The project I had to do for the informal/formal essay elements was okay because the essay I analyzed, “The Case for Torture,” was a moderately interesting essay, as it presented some difficult moral dilemmas that engaged the reader. It was a good essay. I liked reading it. I used my class time to write the outline. The outline was mediocre at best. I mostly created the second and third paragraphs for that essay on the computer as I went along, as some of the arguments were flimsy and I did not feel like rewriting them, so I simply used ideas from those sections and created different paragraphs with them. I created a good introduction on my outline, though, of which Ms. Carr took note. Overall, I should write a better outline for it next time so that I am not rewriting my …show more content…
I had a stroke of brilliance at that moment and changed the topic from “Why video games are a bad hobby” to “why parents shouldn’t let their kids play video games,” which made my topic much more specific, which made my life much easier. However, I had to restart most of my essay, but I used the outline I made to define the arguments I was going to talk about. I then searched the web for supporting evidence I could use in my arguments, cited them, and wrote my arguments from there. I had trouble creating the first paragraph because the third paragraph was very broad in scope and prevented me from making any similar arguments, so I had to create an entirely new one. Overall, I managed to scrape together what I think is a decent essay in four hours. I think it is not too bad, either. I will have to wait to find out, though. In order to prevent similar disasters in the future, I should pick a specific issue for my topic when I am creating my outline instead of simply writing, “video games are a bad hobby,” which I found too broad to make arguments

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