Film Project Reflection

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Film Project Reflection

Our assignment was to create a film using all of the elements learned in our class discussions. Through this process we had learned how to take on new perspectives and add new elements to make a film look better. Through the uses of the new techniques our group was able to produce a quality film.

The first day our group met in class we assigned each other our roles. As the director my role was to tell a story through my vision of the camera. I chose the role of being a director because I have knowledge of many different shot types learned in our class discussions. The cinematographers were given their role because of the experience with a quality camera and some nice photography in the past. The writer was assigned his role because of his great past works he has done. The editor was assigned to his role because he knew the best about editing software. Our group had settled on doing a film about two friends getting lost in the forest and finding their way out. There were some trouble with script ideas but in the end we got a good start. The second time we met
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I tried my best to get the film in the best shape that I could for the editor so he would have time to edit it and not have much pressure. I feel as if the film did not meet our groups expectations based on what we were going for. Our vision was to create a beautiful evening hike through the woods where a tree had fell to get some very great shots with a nice background but because of flaky actors and busy schedules we were not able to achieve this goal. Our film quality was used with a decent camera and a decent mic but we were not able to have the best film cinematically that we could have. For the next film project assigned I will start early and get a head start so the editor can have more time and set up a schedule so everyone in the group is able to meet and have equal parts in the

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