Reflection Of A Close Reading

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My pedagogy classes thus have provided several different learning experiences. My most recent learning experience was a close reading assignment that was to be completed in field. However, before I completed this assignment in my field placement, I engaged in one myself in my pedagogy classroom. It was at this point that I was able to see first-hand what a close reading actually is. The purpose of a close reading is to allow the student to “develop a deep understanding of what the author is saying and for students to figure out what is confusing and how to gain understanding (Mercado, 2015, ppt 8).” Before my professor showed me this and discussed this in class, I would’ve assumed a close reading was similar to that of a shared reading. Mercado …show more content…
The text is one of the important components of a close reading because it must “be short, worthy, and complex due structure, use of language conventions, levels of meaning, and knowledge demand (Mercado, 2015, ppt 9).” It’s important to pick a text that is a little complex for the students but also not too difficult that it’s above the students’ ability to understand.
While engaging in a close reading myself I was able to learn the process of a close reading, the procedure to a teacher should follow one conducting one. Through the engagement I learned that you must introduce the reading but not overload, allow the students to read the text on their own, introduce the annotations you
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I got so engaged in the reading and the lesson that I delivered my text-dependent questions at the wrong time. I realized it right before I let the students write. I got so wrapped up in making sure the students understood what they were supposed to do and look for that I almost forgot an essential part of the lesson. However, I was able to tie it back and we were able to discuss them not only as a group but I also let them first discuss them as partners. However, I don’t feel like just discussing the text-dependent questions is sufficient enough. Some students are visual learners so allowing them to see the questions and write their thoughts on paper or having some of the questions to where they can select an answer may be more beneficial in my eyes. The text-dependent questions and answers can help the child complete the after reading

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