Reflection: My Experience In Present And Future Teaching Experience

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As a soon-to-be graduate, I firmly believe that this course took a lot of my previous knowledge learned within this program and made my knowledge applicable to my current and future teaching positions. Different from all of the other courses I have taken within my program, this course exposed me to a variety of teaching experiences and situations which I am not exposed to in my current position in student affairs.
From our class discussions, I was able to expand on different ways to assess student’s knowledge. Personally, I didn’t think I would be able to gain much from the assessment part of this course, since I don’t teach in a traditional classroom- but I was wrong. From this class I was able to learn more creative and unconventional ways
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She went around the room and had everyone introduce their selves. Although it is typical on the first day to stand up, say your name, graduate program, and maybe even a fun fact, Professor Malone showed a sincere interest and interacted with each person as an individual by asking all of us questions to get to know us even better. Although all of us thought of this interaction as something that happened naturally, I quickly learned that this was very intentional. I learned that it is important it is as a teacher to know your learners individually in order to create a good learning community. This also helped us interact better as a class by getting to know each other early on in the semester. Through the readings, the importance of intention was reinforced. Working in student affairs, this lesson will help me have more of an impact when talking to students. Some of the important tips the textbook provided were to be confident in the subject matter and to use multiple instructional strategies to “encourage student’s development of critical thinking skills” (p. 21). This semester I made an intentional effort to get to know each of my students. Although I don’t know every detail of each student’s life, I could easily tell you a fact or something interesting about each one of my 80 students. This has made a concreate improvement on my practices and the student’s learning. By having more conversations getting to know the student early on in the semester, it has made it easier for myself and the student to have more serious discussions about their work as a leader. I have also seen some serious problems avoided because the students have been able to come to myself with problems early on, rather than how they used to wait until their problem was

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