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I am a writer. I have been as long as I can remember. Looking back upon my life… I chose to journal through the tough times and record special events upon the page. I get immersed in my words as I create. I experience great joy when I write and find that I lose all sense of time. With that said, I appreciate how this class has broadened my awareness of the contribution and influence creative writing has on the world.

What I take away from this class is a new found appreciation for poetry. I have always hated poetry. I considered it confusing and trivial. I surprised myself at my ability to dig deep and tap into my emotions in poetry form. I had never liked poetry, except for a few greats, (Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's, ‘How Do I Love
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In my real-life poem, ‘Jimmy-Pat’ I was able to relay my anguished emotions while paying tribute to my late son, Jimmy. I honestly did not realize the power and freedom that poetry allows the writer. I no longer feel that poetry is trivial or meaningless.
The poem I am most proud of is my protest poem, ‘Chemtrails’, which gave a voice to my stance and anger on the subject. I proud to write a powerful poem which readers could feel.
I gained a new insight to the world of poetry in this class which inspired me to investigate and write more poetry. I have written several new poems including Haiku poetry, (a Japanese verse, 17 syllables divided into 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables).
Regarding the fiction section of this class, I felt I already had a fairly good understanding and grasp. However, I did learn and gain new appreciation for editing and rewrite. It is not my favorite part at all. I usually dread revisions, but when we did our short story revisions I was amazed at my improvement. I took suggestions and looked at my work with a fresh eye. Time had also made a huge difference. When I revisited my work, I discovered many areas of my work that did need revision. I do appreciate the teacher comments. It is very helpful to receive comments from a trained

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