Reflection In Nursing

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Register to read the introduction… Dewey (1933) was one of the developers of learning from experience. He stated that ‘’we learn by doing and realizing what came out of what we did’’. Thus reflection is the critical appraisal of our own performance in a given situation from which strategies and principles for future action as well as knowledge of learning process can be learned. This can lead to an improvement in ability Dewey …show more content…
She explained that I had slightly inserted the injection too slowly and the skin was not pushed apart properly for the Z tracking. She said the patient would prefer to get it done as quickly as possible. She suggested that, I should practice the Z tracking in the way she showed to me and to try to insert the needle direct at (90 degrees) sharp to the outer quadrant. I learned a great deal from this first experience. I will apply this new experience in my future practice of this procedure. In the next level, I will describe my experience in the process of administering injection on Mrs. …show more content…

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