Reflection: Improving My Writing Class

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When I first registered for this class I knew I was facing a challenge. I took this class because I was looking forward into improving my creativity as a writer and learned more about the different styles of writing. Looking back at the goals I set for myself in the beginning of the class I would gladly say I have some what accomplished them. My goals in the beginning of the class was to improve my writing by becoming more of a show and not tell kind of writer. I also put down that I would like to become more of an open-minded writer. Lastly, to explored different styles of writing such as dramatic play, poetry, creative and non-fiction. During the course we were given different writing assignments that helped me to explore different aspects of writing. Discovering my weakness and strengths as a writer. Throughout the class I have several assignments that I am proud of and that met my personal goals. For example in my short story “Dream” I discover that I have a hidden
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As I mentioned before I am not much of a strong writer when it comes to grammar and sentence structure so it took a lot of bravery from me to even considered sharing a piece of writing I had wrote prior to class. As I revised both good and bad feedback I soon began to like the idea of peer review in class. The highlights of the course for me would be the different “try these assignments”. I enjoy working with the different styles of writing such as making up a short story on the spot, which helped me work on my time-pressure weakness. When I do most of my writing, I usually get it done on my own time without being timed or pressure. What this portion of the class taught me was that great writing could also happen in a couple of minutes. At times I was surprised of what I was capable of writing down on paper discovering new ideas and thoughts I never knew I

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