Reflection Essay: The Inspirations Of My Inspiration In My Life

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Inspirations of my life

Introduction: I. I believe that we all have inspirations in our lives, right? So at this moment I would like everyone to remember or think about someone who inspires you to get up every morning and motivates you to go to school. Now, I think everyone would agree that our inspirations are the source of our positivity when we are down, they are the ones who motivates us to do what we love to do, and the reason why we keep believing in ourselves. II. "Irreplaceable" a word that defines my family, friends, and my culture. They were my main inspirations in life who kept my feet in track whenever I started slipping out, who became my source of energy and who helped me become who I am today. My family means everything
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I am the eldest child and I have been held responsible for everything that my parents tell us to do. My parents always had a high expectation from me and they hoped that I will be a good role model to my siblings. The responsibilities that were given to me gave me the opportunity to build a great relationship with my siblings, and as well gave me the chance to grow maturely at a very young age. I am very thankful to be blessed with such a loving family, and I know that they will continue to inspire me wherever life brings …show more content…
My friends and I are very close that we consider each other like siblings. I always feel that my day would not be complete without seeing them. Growing in a third world country during my childhood days was like living in place without electricity, In fact we do actually experience power outage all the time. Everything is all basic we do not have any electronic devices for games like play stations, game boys and all that stuff. But we still manage to enjoy playing with each other by inventing our own games. In that way we learned to appreciate what we have and we feel blessed that we can have fun even in a simple way. My friends and I really cared for each other. We were very open to each other and we are always there to comfort or give advice to someone who is going through a tough time in life. The love and care that we have build for each other lead us to create a greater bond , and most of all a trust that would last forever. My friends in the past and my friends that I have today were always there to comfort and care for me when I am in a very down situation, they continue to inspire me to be who I am and I could not ask to have a better friends like them. The last inspiration that I would like to share would be about my culture. I believe that every single one of us has his or her

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