Essay On My Concept Of Writing In English Class

Throughout my years of high school I have learned many things. Some of the things I have learned are meaningful in life. Other things that I have learned are useless because they will never be applied in life. One of the things that I have been required to use in every subject which I dread the most is writing. The requirement of writing in every class has brought out my flaws of putting thoughts down on paper. The massive percentage of my writing was used in my English courses. Throughout the years I have had substantial problems with grasping some of the main concepts of writing. One of them which includes the proper structuring of sentences in an essay. Another concept I have greatly struggled with has been using advanced vocabulary in my …show more content…
Animals had no choice but to evolve or else they would have came to the point of extinction. People also evolve somewhat similarly to animals. As a writer I personally had to evolve in order to satisfy the objective of being an efficient writer. I have evolved my writing skills proficiently with the use of of key fundamentals. The ability to format my sentences in chronological order. Also the ability to use more unconventional vocabulary words to increase the integrity of the essay. Lastly, the ability to use changeover sentences to further improve the appearance of the paper. I think of writing as a puzzle. The puzzle pieces are the theories of writing. In comparison to puzzle pieces, no matter the size or importance of each theory, it is needed to complete the paper. This is a concept that can be useful for any aspect of your life. Everyone has to improve in order to move forward. The worlds greatest inventions were created today because of the realization that progress is the key to survival. As for me, writing was a task that I had to continually improve upon in order for me to be at the point I am in writing right now. The key to progress is knowing that there is always a better way to do things. Now with that in mind think to yourself, is there a better way you could have done

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