Personal Narrative: My Twelfth Grade English Class

To be completely frank with you, this class was a challenge to me. Although this class did have some similarities to my twelfth grade english class, the differences were unfamiliar to my sense, but I am glad I faced it in this semester. A big challenge that I had to face this semester was asking for the proper help I need to improve my writing, and participating in class. I do admit, I never truly faced the challenge of participating in class as much I expected to. Although, I did ask for help, whether asking my peers or asking you, Professor Kaiser. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with anybody, I couldn’t ask for help because of how shy I was. For my second year of college, I will be taking English 214. The goals I will set for myself will …show more content…
I would want feedback on my writing so that’s why I help and give feedback to my peers. My work as a reviser to my own essays are not as how they should be. I strive for a better revised piece, but sometimes I get stuck in my own works and can’t seem to revise what I think in my head. What I learned about education and myself as a stuen through reading, writing, and everything discussed in class is how important it is to be educated. Education in my opinion is something that should be involved in everyone’s lives. It is so important how much knowledge you gain in school and how education provides you to know what you should. What I learned about myself as a student is how much I cherish education. I could not be anymore thankful towards education, I have learned and progressed in my reading and writing. This knowledge will stick with me throughout my whole life. I will pursue in something that my knowledge will help me through. Attending college and learning something new everyday has made my family so proud, despite how expensive it is. My family still remains to support me along the way and expect me to make them

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