Reflection Essay: The Challenges Of My Experience In Class

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To be completely frank with you, this class was a challenge to me. Although this class did have some similarities to my twelfth grade english class, the differences were unfamiliar to my sense, but I am glad I faced it in this semester. A big challenge that I had to face this semester was asking for the proper help I need to improve my writing, and participating in class. I do admit, I never truly faced the challenge of participating in class as much I expected to. Although, I did ask for help, whether asking my peers or asking you, Professor Kaiser. At first, I wasn’t comfortable with anybody, I couldn’t ask for help because of how shy I was. For my second year of college, I will be taking English 214. The goals I will set for myself will be based off hard work and dedication. I …show more content…
The main ways I believed my writing has improved is with the way I write my essays overall. I still have flaws with my writing so I don 't feel as if my writing is something I should recognize as it being “improved”. Although the minimum changes that happened within my essays are something I do enjoy and are proud off, I know within next year I will accomplish much more changes in my writing. I want to witness a difference in my writing and so far I have only noticed a slight difference. What allowed me to slightly improve my writing is having essay after essay and revising each essay before turning in the final one. I honestly don’t read on my own time and to be assigned to read these lengthy articles has helped me improve in my reading. Some articles were difficult to understand, as in you had to re-read the articles, and others opened my eyes with such simple words put together. With being assigned to read multiple articles, I know my reading has improved, slightly or drastically, it still improved. My favorite readings would have to be Mother Tongue, How to Tame a Wild Tongue, and Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of

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