Reflection Essay : My Goals And Expectations

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Reflection Essay: Final Essay
September of 2015 was a month of many changes for me. After more than a twenty year break, I returned to school. Work, family, and school have consumed my life for the last three months. Unfortunately, all of the classes I put off all of those years ago could no longer be ignored. English composition was at the top of that list. In this reflection, I will talk about which of my English Composition goals and expectations were met, what lessons helped me to learn and meet my goals, and what my strengths and weaknesses were in English Composition.
First, I would like to talk about which of my English goals and expectations were met. In the beginning, I just wanted to be able to write an assigned paper and have some kind of pattern to it when I was finished. I also wanted to be able to use proper punctuation. I wanted the paper to make sense to the person reading it. Finally, I did not want to feel overwhelmed when an assignment was given. I felt less confident about my work as the semester went on. My confidence has wavered with each written paper. I have tried harder with each paper but grades do not reflect my hard work. I worked 40+ hours a week, went to school full time, kept up with my homework, and utilized the writing lab. By the time the Bibliography was graded, I felt like a train wreck coming down the tracks. It never really developed the way I wanted it to and the research was overwhelming. I worked hard to always have my rough draft…

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