Why I Want To Change Essay

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The behavior that I wish to change is my ability to exercise daily, I work out but not enough and I would like to alter this behavior. When I do decide to go to the gym, I will go for three days straight, then I think I have results and stop going for a whole three months. Which isn’t healthy at all to do. My short term goals are to keep a journal tracking my weight loss, I will decide on how much weight I want to lose per week and every time I drop a pound or two I will mark it in my weight loss journal. I will also decide on how long I want to lose weight, to do this I will set up realistic eating and exercise goals to help me achieve my plan. Another short term goal I have is sticking to a workout regimen. A lot of people go to the gym to workout but they don’t have any idea if they want to do cardio, legs, or back, so they just do a bunch of workout machines. I’m guilty of doing this as well. I will work out thirty minutes a day three times a week so I can get into the routine of working out. Once I’m committed to this regimen I will increase the amount of time I spend in the gym as well as the number of days I go to the gym. I could also select a time that will be perfect for my schedule, so say I want to work out in the morning time before I go to school. I can set my alarm for five in the morning so my …show more content…
The first thing I would do differently is try to establish an instructor that can meet with the people in my program. If I can make this happen, I can assure that the people in my program are actually working out constantly instead of doing things the half way and being lazy about it. Another thing that I would change about the “max workouts” is trying to make it an online routine instead. If the customers had a virtual class that would connect them and an instructor together instead of giving them some step-by-step instructions with photos to show them how to do the

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