The Importance Of Making Connections

Big Idea: 1 Making connections during lessons in any subject are a huge benefactor for students of all ages, but especially beneficial to those of a younger age. There are many different ways you can make connections throughout lesson plans. It may be just comparing a situation to a student’s life, or it may be allowing the students to identify with your topic of interest by role-playing with them. The big idea of this lesson plan is “Making Connections.” I will be incorporating the two different content areas of Art, and Social Studies as a way to include creative based learning project or activity for my students.
How does it connect art with another discipline: My Sixth graders have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian time period.
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For the end activity of the Six Pillars lesson, I will be having the students participate in a form of role play. I will provide all of the seniors that the students will be acting out for me. Some students may find this to be similar to the game Charades. Each student will have to participate at least one time throughout this activity, more if they needed assistance on their first scenario. All students’ names will be placed in a hat, container, box, whatever is available at the time. I will then have a list of scenarios in front of me with the amount of people needed to act out the situation. I will go down the list and draw names for each scenario. The scenarios created allow for the students to make a decision on what they believe the correct way to approach the situation given would be. Each student will be given participation points as long as they participate. I do not believe it would be fair to grade the students on their performance because not all students are at the same level as one another. Although, if a student get’s stuck on the situation they are acting out, their classmates and myself may jump in to help figure out what the best decision for them to make would be. The point of this activity is to help the students gain confidence in putting the Six Pillars of Character to

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