Reflection Assignment: Helping The Jesuits, Looking For Work.

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Helping the Jesuits get to know you better.

A. Personal Information

1. What is your date of birth? What is your residential address? Telephone/cell number?
My birthday is June 30, 1997. My residential address is, 41 Black Mountain Drive, Dayton, Wyoming 82836. My mailing address is P.O. Box 397, Dayton, Wyoming 82836. My home phone number is (307) 655-9475. My cell phone number is (307) 620-5750.

2. What do you do on a full time basis (full-time student, employed, looking for work)? Describe what it entails.
I work full-time at Walmart. My position is CAP Team 2, my duties are to assist unloading freight from trucks, organize the freight by department and isle, and then to stock the merchandise in the proper locations. Good team work, and patients is needed to successfully complete my job.
3. Do you find satisfaction in
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Write about two significant people in your life. How often do you get together? What kinds of things do you do together?
My father is a significant person in my life. He has taught me all sorts of things over the years. We rebuilt an old jeep together, made model cars, and worked on housework together. Today, I have a close relationship with him, and am able to talk to him about some the closest things to my heart. He has been very supportive throughout my discernment process. I get to see every day, so spending time doing small and big things together is almost always possible.
Another, significant person in my life is my grandma. I used to live close to her when I was younger, so we used to go to parks, and metal detect all the time. She would tell me stories about her childhood in upstate New York, and about when I was a baby. Since I moved I only get to visit her once a year, usually in Spring, but I call her every week to say hi, and catch up on things.

23. Are you currently in a romantic relationship? Have you been in a romantic relationship/s before? Describe the nature of this/these

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