Reflection And Reasoning Of The Speaker Essay

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The first concept I learned when enhancing my critical thinking in chapter ten is the audience you are trying to analysis for example the term audience analysis is a careful consideration of the demographic and situational factors of an audience in preparation for a speech to that audience (Diestler 2012). Its basically means adapting to your audience especially for example making a speech. Some times when giving a speech you have to adapt to your audience especially if they are not pay attention or listening to the speech that is being addressed. The concept believing is audience that agrees with the conclusion and reasoning of the speaker (Diestler 2012). The concept neutral audience is an audience that does not have a strong opinion on the speaker’s conclusion about an issue (Diestler 2012). The concept hostile audience is an audience that is opposing to the conclusion and reasoning of the speaker (Diestler 2012). The concept both side persuasion a technique in which the speaker acknowledge one or more of the best arguments of the opposition without specially agreeing with those arguments (Diestler 2012). I learned that there are different ways to attract an audience’s attention by the different and variety of audience to attract during a speech. Also another important consideration when audience is analyzing you speech is the nonverbal and verbal behavioral responses. An example of nonverbal response would be did the audience applaud after you completed the speech or…

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