Reflection And Experiential Learning For Higher Education Student-Athletes

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Research Study: Creating additional meaning from physical data activities to promote reflection and experiential learning for higher education student-athletes.

How long: 1 iteration
The influence of physical activity data devices data on student-athletes through the use of focus groups, expert interviews, higher education student interviews, and observations. For a student athlete population enrolled in a four-year undergraduate degree program.

The qualitative design-based research study is set to explore ethnographic research of student-athletes to determine their abilities/impact of reflection on physical activity device data on performance in academic and athletic pursuits. The design based research intervention incorporates quasi-experimental elements in grouping student-athlete participants, and pre- and post- testing to identify existing tendencies amongst participants. Usability testing data is also gathered to help inform its design, identify, and develop the characteristics of the physical activity device, which would most appropriately contribute to overall utilization and improvement of learning and activities.

The intervention is
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This wide field of educational examples using such learning technologies to promote instruction has also spawned the introduction of physical activity based technologies, which closely incorporate advances across various fields of study including: psychology, information technology, engineering, health & wellness, and medicine, to name some. One such tool making a transformative impact on classroom learning is wearable technologies. Over the last few years, wearable technologies, also known as wear-ables, have begun to make their way into classroom instruction, as a tool to promote learning in a variety of K-12 subject areas. This trend clearly indicates an increasing adaption of this

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