Reflection About Working With Families

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My personal experiences as a parent have included encounters which reflect the principles of working with families as well as occurrences which oppose those ideologies. When my child was enrolled in a Head Start classroom, the program and teacher’s encouragement of parent involvement was evident. The following year my child attended a UPK classroom in a public school, during which time I saw little evidence of the teacher working with families. In fact, some of my experiences seemed to reflect the discouragement of family involvement. My experiences with both classrooms has influenced my thoughts about working with families and how I wish to approach the subject in my own classroom.
During the year my son was in the Head Start classroom, I
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To facilitate this, the teacher provided the students with a communication book which went back and forth between home and school. She would write notes in the book a few times a week about my child’s development, activities he really enjoyed, and any problems he may have experienced in the classroom. I was able to use the book to let her know about anything I had observed developmentally at home as well as things which may affect Zane in the classroom. The teacher strongly encouraged parents to visit the classroom, and I regularly took the opportunity to join my son for …show more content…
As an educator, these personal experiences have shaped my thinking about how I wish to work with families. My son’s Head Start teacher made me feel like we were a team working together to ensure my son’s success. I want the families I serve to have the same experience. Not only do I plan to keep families abreast of learning objectives in the classroom and activities we conduct, but I also intend to provide regular individualized communication. In addition to ensuring families are aware of program activities, I plan to provide regular activities that support the children’s development. While I enjoyed the curriculum-related activities my son’s Head Start teacher provided, these activities were the same for all of the students in the classroom. Because I will be working with children ages eighteen months to three years, I believe activity cards which can be selected based on children’s individual development will be a better

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