Personal Narrative: Wakeland High School Tennis Team

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It is the morning before all of the Frisco Independent School District Highs School tennis teams compete in the final face off to see who will be the best in singles and doubles. The weather is nice and it will quickly rise to the mid-90s meaning it will be warm but a perfect day to play the match of the year. I cannot wait to get to school to see my teammates and play my final match for Wakeland High School Tennis team. I have been preparing for this match for seven years, without realizing the full effects. I am nervous but excited to see if this game will be the moment I have worked so hard for.
It all started on the second week of seventh grade, I had decided to join the tennis team to fulfill my physical education credit rather than participating
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I slowly got better throughout seventh, eighth, and ninth grade by pushing myself at school and going to private or group lessons outside of school. In high school, we ended up with two coaches instead of just one. In tenth grade, I went from the bottom of the ladder to the top of the junior varsity tennis ladder within a semester of school. When I was about to play the top girl, I found out that she was offered a spot on the varsity team, as long as she beat me, however I was not offered the same. During this match, I realized that when the girl returned any ball, except for her serve, that when she followed through, the butt of her racket would point to where the ball would go. By knowing this trick, it made my life easier to position myself to where she was going to return. I fought the whole match, using any skill advantages that I had. I was determined to show that I too, deserved the chance. By the end of the match I had done what I set out to do; I had shown my teammates and the head coach wrong and ended up on top.
Throughout the next year and a half, I had what seemed like endless ups and downs in my journey to strive to be the best in tennis. A variety of things happened, my old head coach went to a different school in the district; which meant I got a new head coach. Then I changed out of school tennis coaches, and then I finally made it to the varsity team. I began to play doubles
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Once I got to the court, I realized it was a girl I had met at the first match that season, her name was Andrea. I had never played her during the season, but I always wanted to. Andrea went to the school that my old coach moved to and I was ready to demonstrate to the coaches, parents, and teammates how much I had grown throughout my tennis experience.
After warm up, I realized I was toast. The only thing I could control was trying to get the ball back and getting my serve in. Andrea spun her racket to see who got to choose how we were going to start. Her racket was a Babalot racket and the butt of the racket looks like an arrow, so I choose “Up”. The racket slowly spun and it landed with the arrow pointing up. I choose to serve first, so I could maybe get a game in before she was completely warmed up. I was wrong about getting the first point, her returns was like a rocket and I could not run fast enough to get it

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