Reflection About Myself Essay

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Reflection on Myself
As sun rises the water in the river starts providing clear images of all alongside the river owing to sun light reflections falling unto each and every object. The young man sitting on the stone coming out from the river is not an exception to this reflection. Staring down to water – he starts seeing clear reflection of himself on the water surface. He lowers his head trying to look into the eyes of his reflection and see more than what meets the eye.
It is him a charming, attractive and very affectionate with the typical crab protective and sympathetic temperament. Being a person whom nature favored with a sensitive, dreamy but responsive and caring side – he is rather humanitarian, nurturing a person who likes to
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Nature gifted him with plenty of creative and practical talents and these specific attributes help him focus both expression and achievement. His powerful urge to assist others is highly satisfying so it often features in a large amount of personal goal plans. His ambitions are usually greater in accomplishing personally meaningful aims as opposed to gaining professional qualifications. Dreams he could have are inclined to be visions of acquiring the things that he believes will make him the happiest – like idyllic environments and a world without disharmony.
Yet – he confesses that only dreaming will not take him anywhere; however it is always not easy for almost everyone to find work that would feel worthwhile enough despite his abundance of versatile abilities and open-minded ways of thinking. Earning a reasonable income is a priority but he generally tends to not place great importance on money. This financial disinterest and proneness to be too generous often causes him to be a bit careless or frivolous with cash, which sometimes not very good.
Wow, am I still writing about myself? Huh, sometimes I feel like this I am going to look like a an ideal hero from Lermontov’s Novel, but this was a joke of course – just to make myself feel that I am still in this real world.
So, as this young man continues staring into his eyes reflection – he also should not forget that he is an excellent husband and capable father of two

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