Personal Narrative: How Marriage Has Changed My Life

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Troy and I got married February 1, 2014 in my home town Yuma, AZ. We spent 3 or 4 days with my family before leaving to Las Vegas for two nights. After Vegas we flew to my new home in New Zealand, where we began our life together as husband and wife.

During our first year we came across ups and downs, but thankfully far less downs than anticipated. Troy was finishing up his last semester at Victoria University studying Psycology and Criminology while working one day a week at a video store and picked up occaional hours at a wedding retreat. I on the other hand had not yet found work and was settling in to my new life. At this time we were living with Troys family until we got on our feet. We could have rented a place, but that would have taken all of our savings and we decided it was wise to wait until we had a stable income.

I then picked up relief teaching (Substitute teaching) at a day care working 10-20 hours most weeks. Financially it wasn 't ideal, but I loved the job and took to it easily. The staff were amazing and really welcoming, which is important when moving across the world.

Troy finished school in June and was offered a
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I learned that marriage is fun. People tend to put marriage in a box of hard and miserable. I thought we would argue more or disagree more to say the least and yes we did argue and disagree, but not to the extent it is portrayed. When you love and respect someone, you understand that their opinions matter and they may not agree with yours. YAY, they are their own person, now you get to take that opportunity and say where do we go from here? If you open the door to listen you will hear why they think what they think and it may even change your mind or view and it might not, but at least you got to have a mature conversation with out yelling or throwing a tantrum. Consequently, I learned that you don 't have to agree at all times and that doesn 't mean someone is

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