Personal Narrative: My Performance In My Internship

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As far as my performance in my internship goes, I hope I was able to impress Steven and Shanna and help them out instead of hinder them this semester. In my opinion I feel like I was able to help because I always did what was asked of me and they knew they could rely on me. I was at every class and meeting unless something else for school came up, so I feel like I lived up to what I told them I was going to do at the beginning of the semester. I think my main growth from this internship happened not only in me seeing my leadership styles more clearly, but in my confidence in speaking as well. I always get extremely nervous before I have to talk in front of a group before anything, no matter what. That is how it started the first couple nights …show more content…
At the start of the semester I honestly didn’t have a clue because I had never had to think about it before. But after working with Steven and Shanna and leading a class for a semester I feel like I have narrowed it down. The leadership style in which I exhibit a little bit of would be democratic. I like to see what everyone thinks about my ideas before I jump in and do them, and I also like to have multiple opinions about a project and pick and choose from the best of them then put them into one collaborative effort. The style I feel like I fall under the most however is participatory leadership. I’m not very good at telling people to do something and then watching them do it. I like working with whoever I am giving tasks and being in the front lines. I feel like that is what a leader should do, it is almost like leading by example. When I look back on everything in my life and back on this semester the leaders in my life who I have the most respect for is someone who works with their followers. I feel like it helps build a respectable relationship with followers because they know you work as hard as they do instead of sitting back and relaxing. Overall this internship this semester was a very good experience. I learned so much about what exactly it takes to run a class. Which is why I have a newfound respect for what professors do. It is a lot of hard work and can also be very frustrating at times. I was also able to look within myself and figure out the type of leader I consider myself to be. If it changes who knows but right now I feel like I have figured out the type of leader that I am. Overall a very good experience and it strengthened my desire to go back to school and get a teaching degree because now I have something to base it off of instead of going in blind, and I really liked

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