Reflection About Forgiveness

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I believe being able to forgive is essential to higher well-being. It is very difficult to carry grudges and the energy used wears us down. When we forgive we allow ourselves freedom from the act and are able to grow from it. This can be very difficult and challenging to accept, as I struggle with this and tend to hold grudges. I know that when I do I am constantly ruminating and having arguments in my head about the person or am constantly on edge when I’m around them. This drastically drains my well-being and creates a dark cloud.

I do believe forgiveness is essential for optimal health. There are many ways forgiveness can enhance our well-being. For instance, being able to forgive ourselves and move on is vital in our individual growth.
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I asked her what her favorite drink was from Starbucks and decided on my way to class to drop off the drink. When I handed her the drink she had a big smile on her face which led me to smile and also made me happier. Later, I got a text saying that was one of the nicest things someone has done for her in awhile, which made me feel good that it made someone’s day. This to me was a pretty “simple” act and I didn’t think it would make me feel “positive” or that it was going to be a big deal. But it was an act of kindness and with her not feeling well it had a more lasting effect. Throughout this term we have read about how random acts of kindness will make us feel better about ourselves and raise our own levels of happiness. This act was more of a “forced” act and I had this paper in mind. This act to me seemed more egotistic and that I was doing this act with alternative motives. I believe the empathy-altruism model is a good explanation for why we sometimes help and also why I decided to do this act for my friend. I was thinking about her situation where she lives on her own in her apartment and if I were in her situation I would want someone to do the same for me. In this model, Batson, illustrates three factors with perspective taking. The three factors are having similar experiences, being attached to the person, and imagining what it would be like …show more content…
I decided to use some of the Positive Psychology models on myself. I really wanted to work on being mindful. Two concepts I really enjoyed learning about was the broaden and build model as well as articles on mindfulness. Martin Seligman explained that we sometimes get lost in the shuffle and don’t really experience present happiness. This also led me to look into more perspectives and I came across research done by Fred Bryant. I tried to become more mindful and “savor” the experiences as Seligman suggested. I decided to really sit down and think about what I was thankful for and also all the people that are important in my life, especially my family. At first I thought this was a little corny but I decided to take some of his steps in “savoring the good life.” I wanted to count my blessing and give thanks. My family thought it was pretty funny/random at first but after I explained what was going on they really enjoyed it and shared the same love. This really made me appreciate what I have. By focusing on my gratitude and showing thanks it allowed others to see how much I appreciate them and also reaffirmed their love for me. This brings me to the broaden and build model. After doing these acts and actually thinking about them as a whole I felt enlightened and had a greater sense of appreciation. Through this assignment I can see how positive emotions will enhance our awareness and lead to more

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