Reflection About Being A Teacher

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What I’ve learned about being a teacher that I didn’t realize before this experience was that being a teacher is exhausting and that a teacher’s job never ends. At the beginning of the semester, I wasn’t that tired. I would just go and help out in the classroom. As I gradually began to talk over, the more exhausted I became. I had to write lesson plans for my units on top of my own personal school work. It was hard to find a balance between the two but I manage to get them both done. At the beginning of the semester, Ms. Lee told me that there would be two weeks where she would leave me in the class by myself. She would be around the school but not in the classroom. Well those two weeks came way faster than I expected. The first two weeks of …show more content…
This was my first time being in a title one school. It is very different compared to Green Charter School. The kids at Wellford, they really need you. It is so many students there who are below grade level and that need your help. I felt so good when one of our guided reading groups went from a B to an E. It may not seem like a bug jump but it was a HUGE accomplishment for those two boys. They were so happy and so proud of themselves. So far this semester, we have had some students that had to talk with people from DSS. One students father went to jail one morning before school started. Another student’s grandma was dead the entire day while they were home and they didn’t know it. Then we have a student who would go to sleep every morning and would have to go to the library to sleep. When he went to sleep, the librarian was always afraid he would stop breathing completely. There were times when he went to sleep and would stop breathing for a split second. I actually enjoyed working at this school. All of the teachers and staff were very nice to me. My CT was the best of the best. I couldn’t imagine being with another teacher. I am beyond thankful for her. She has taught me so much and made me feel so welcomed. She included me in every single thing that went on at the school and gave me the best advice. The other second grade teachers also gave me good advice and were very helpful. I am really going to miss them once it is time for me to leave in

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