Do Beautiful People Deserve To Be Successful?

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Beauty can be described in many ways. Each person will have their perception about beauty and not everyone will have same judgement about beauty. For example, some people might have their favourite artists because they think that the artists are beautiful and cute but not everyone will agree about that. There is no standard measurement about beauty. It cannot be described by a method or principle such as formula in Mathematics (Armstrong, J., 2004). However, youthfulness, good grooming, expression, and symmetry might be the parts or components of beauty that mostly the people will look (Berry, D. S., 2000, Rhodes, G., & Zebrowitz, L. A., 2002, Thornhill, R., & Gangestad, S. W., 1999). For the success, it is the situation when you achieve your aim or complete your mission. It can be happiness, money, cars and any other thing that can be the aim or mission of someone. It depends on the people and not all people have same definition of success.
Nowadays, many debates were held to discuss about these two variables, which were beauty and success, are related and correlate to each other. Many studies had been
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Based on the four assumption, (Kanazawa, S., & Kovar, J. L., 2004), the beautiful and intelligence children come from parents who had high living status and beautiful because these two variables are heritable. Then, if this type of parents increase, the higher quality of children will be reproduce. Then, in the future, these children will help to improve the world and become better person because they came from quality parents. These will lead to many good consequences such as crime rates will be lower, IQ level of people will be higher and technology and machines will be improve and become wider. Then, this world become well and the people will be more efficient. These can conclude that beautiful person deserves to be more successful to help improve the world and

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