Reflection: 46-Year-Old Male Patient

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For simulation 2, I was the nurse and it was nerve-racking. Before stepped into the patient room, Jackie (student-nurse) and I went over everything, but the movement we got into the room; it felt like everything went out the window. However, I was thankful for my group because they helped me stayed calm and everything went better than I thought. For this scenario, we had a 46-years-old male patient that was diagnosis with acute biliary pancreatitis. The doctor ordered Dilaudid every 2 hours for his pain and Phenergan every 6 hours for nausea. Our assessment was to assess his pain, respiratory, and abdominal. Since Jackie was the student nurse, I asked Jackie to assess for respiratory and abdominal, and I would assess the pain and call …show more content…
When I assessed the patient pain, it was 8 out of 10. His pain medicine was given at 12 PM, so it was okay to administrate another dose since it was 3 PM. Jackie did an amazing job when assessed his respiratory and abdominal. The patient was feeling nausea so I called the doctor for a new order for that because it has not passed 6 hours to administrate another Phenergan. When I called the doctor, Jackie administrated another dose of Dilaudid. The doctor gave an order for NG tube intermitted suction for his nausea. When Jackie and I were trying to find the NG tube, our scenario was over. During the whole process, looking back there was one or two things I would do differently. One thing Jackie and I forgot to do was put the pulse oxymetry on the patient. We were supposed to make sure his O2 stat was above 94%. I think we were to occupy doing the assessment, we forgot about his O2 stat. One thing I realized that, when given the patient medication if it is the correct time to administrate the medicine, I do not need to call the doctor to confirm. Before given the patient another dose of Dilaudid, I called the doctor for another order, however, it was not

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