Reason For Referral Moral Analysis

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Reason for Referral
Araceli has been going through a lot of transition lately. Araceli’s mother noticed that her daughter was having great difficulties staying focused while performing activities. Araceli is constantly not completing homework assignments, and her academic grades have dropped to below basic. Griselda, Araceli’s mom requested to have her daughter tested.

Background Information and Record Review
Araceli is a very bright young lady, and she likes to play basketball. Araceli mentioned that she likes her high school, but she is having difficulties making friends. She joined the school’s basketball team, but she injured her hand the week after. Therefore, she did not continue to play with her team. Griselda currently took Araceli to her annual doctors visit. She performed well in both vision and hearing. Araceli’s teachers stated that they do not have any behavioral problems with her. She normally comes to class, sits down, and pulls out her notebook. Approximately turns in homework one time a week. Araceli declares that she does not comprehend the homework assignments. Her teacher has taken the time to sit with Araceli after school, but Araceli has difficulty focusing. Griselda describes her daughter as a very smart, polite, and nice young lady. She has never had difficulties with Araceli before, therefore Griselda is very concerned about Araceli. By looking over Araceli’s passed academic records, she has performed average and above average in the past eight years. This year had been extremely difficult for Araceli.
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Documentation of Assessment Validity (e.g. From Prince George’s

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