Redwood And Ross Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… This chain is privately owned with main headquarters in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

The University of Illinois campustown store was founded in 1957 and is located at the corner of Green Street and Sixth Street, the heart of campustown.

Redwood and Ross wants to maintain a consistent image across all stores; every Redwood and Ross store carries the same style and quality of products. To insure uniformity, the advertising and pricing policies are controlled by managers at the main headquarters in Michigan.

Redwood and Ross's Product Line

Both quality and style are important components of Redwood and Ross's product line. Redwood and Ross stores carry only high-quality, well-known name brands.

Redwood and Ross's Prices

Prices are higher than average at Redwood and Ross. As Figure 1 shows (page 5), Redwood and Ross's prices are higher than those at Sears, a favorite store among U of I college men--over twice as high on wool blazers and sweaters. The design of the product is similar at the two
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But, if Redwood and Ross could get men's patronage while they were freshmen, a four-year clientele relationship could be established. In the long run, Redwood and Ross could benefit from the effort to reach freshmen.

There are about six thousand freshmen who go to school at the U of I. Almost half, or three thousand, have shopped in the C-U area for clothing since they came to school. This is a sizable market which has potential for growth.

Redwood and Ross must somehow increase its awareness among freshmen. Approximately 75% do not know what product style or quality Redwood and Ross carries. If Redwood and Ross is to successfully make freshmen a target market, then Redwood and Ross must develop strategies for increasing awareness.


Advertising can serve several purposes for a retail clothing store. First of all, advertising gives people information about product lines, prices, store hours, and store location. Also, advertising can help a store create an image. If the ad is sophisticated and portrays a sophisticated image of the store, people will get the impression that the store is sophisticated. Successful advertising can create any type of image the store desires.


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