Reducing The Number Of Calories Essay

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Many people struggle with weight problems, and there are a lot of reasons for it. In this article I will go over some small weighs to reduce the number of calories you intake or burn them off. Even the smallest amounts burn out. Cutting out a very small amount like 100 everyday can add up to about 1 pound every month! Don 't drink soda. Instead of drinking a Coke or Pepsi drink some water instead. If you drink one soda a day and replace it with water, you will lose one pound a month! Walk up the stairs instead of using an elevator! If you have to walk up about five flights of stairs you will burn 25 calories. If you walk down them you will burn another 15. That is 40 calories a day. That adds up to 1,200 calories a month, or about 1/3 of a pound. Not bad for a couple extra minutes a day! Eat grilled chicken instead of fried chicken. That can save about 150 calories! If you ate grilled chicken instead of fried or battered chicken four times a month that would be another 600 calories! That is 1/5 of a pound for just a little less taste. Snack on fruit instead of chips. Instead of eating a serving or more of chips (200+ calories) eat an apple. Not only does it have fewer calories, but it will fill you up more. It will also provide you with important vitamins that will make you even healthier. Start reading nutritional labels! That will make a huge difference in the way you eat. When you look at a box of Pop tarts and see that one is…

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