Reducing The Large Amount Of Pollution Essay

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Next, it is important to understand what options we have to preventing the large amount of pollution we are creating. Regardless of the type of energy source currently used, whether it is natural gas or coal, there are multiple steps to getting that power to our homes. The multiple steps have additional costs that are passed on to the consumer. While fossil fuels supply the majority of our energy needs, over two-thirds of US electricity generation, the production and the use of these resources have a great effect on our health and have a negative impact on our environment. Air pollution is just one of the effects. Coal is a dirty energy source that has harmful consequences. When coal is burned it releases toxins into the air. It is also costly. Natural gas has emissions that affect global warming. Many believed that transitioning from coal to natural gas for electricity would meet climate goals but this is not the case. Relying solely on natural gas over the long-term is not going to meet the needed emission reductions required to make a difference in global warming. “If the U.S. continues on its current path towards a natural gas dominated electricity system, the electricity sector would generate up to three times the NRC’s recommended amount of carbon emissions.” (The Climate Risks…) There are also many people that will argue that the air is not as polluted as we claim. Whether it is to promote continued use of coal as an energy source or natural gas, they have argued…

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