Reducing The Clean Air Act Essay

1500 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Engines have had emissions control since the 1970s. Emissions controls were first introduced to engines because a growing number of people had difficulty breathing, and many illnesses attributed to the harmful emissions produced by the internal combustion engine. The environment also held noticeable damage in certain areas which resulted in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) being created. The regulations are updated every few years by the EPA. Most big industries frown upon the EPA because they tend to complicate business practices. In actuality, the EPA is effective and without them the earth would lead a very dirty, hard to live in existance (EPA). They control things like air, water, waste pollution, through sets of laws they come up with. The basis of laws they enact are, emissions testing, getting a vehicle inspected, also water testing from their water pollution division. The Clean Air Act was introduced in 1970, because one car in 1965, produced 2,000 pounds of smog per 100,000 miles (EPA). It is worthy to note California 's very strict emissions laws, because of the climate of California any kind of air pollution is drastically amplified (California). In 1967 california created the California Air Resources Board, which is the organization that creates and enforces their air pollution laws, which are stricter than that of the U.S government. A current vehicle produces less than 200 pounds per 100,000 miles which is a vast improvement in just 50…

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