Reducing Prejudice Against Minority Groups Essay

871 Words Dec 9th, 2015 4 Pages
There has been a lot of research done on ways to reduce prejudice against minority groups. In order to reduce prejudice, we must support diversity. There are two different perspectives when view diversity. There is prevention focus and promotion focus (p.368). Prevention focus is when you are being motivated by feelings of duty, responsibility or obligation. While on the other hand, promotion focus involves desires to support others or to achieve a common goal (p. 368). Prevention motives have been seen to be in relation to a bias against an out-group (p. 368). Promotion motives have been seen to spontaneously activate bias and stereotypes (p. 368). Members of minorities do not seek to be tolerated or simply liked, they seek to be respected (p. 369). Many things have been done to support diversity such as diversity training, conflict resolution, multicultural education, intergroup dialogue, and morals education (p. 370). One of the most successful and supported methods to reduce prejudice and improving intergroup relations is cooperative learning (Jones et. al. 2014). In programs that support cooperative learning, students are able to experience face-to-face cooperative interaction and within Jigsaw classrooms, each student has information that is needed in order to solve a group problem. As humans, we naturally group and categorize people as we see them. Perceptual narrowing is an example of this. This term means that human perceptions are shaped by experience to be…

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